• Échappée Urbaine


    Échappée Urbaine (Urban Escape)... web documentary about the urban exploration of 3 students on the abandoned rail of La Petite Ceinture de Paris (“PC”). With our camera and a our microphone, we took a walk all around the PC to meet the people who keep it alive since the trains are no longer running. Those people rehabilitate it into their garden, their shooting or even training spots, transformed the stations into concert places, artist workshops. Through the portraits of those people, stands the portrait of what La Petite Ceinture used to be but first off what it is today. An original idea of Elodie Maynard, Hugo Chièze and Julie Fimat. Work done by the team: interviews, video shoots, sound recording, video editing, color grading / Web-site developed by Steven Boixel / Teaser by Julie Fimat // Follow the trip on Facebook